2016 CSBBCS Vincent Di Lollo Eary Career Award Winner
Dr. Katherine Guérard

Dr. Katherine Guérard received her Ph.D. in 2009 from Université Laval and completed a postdoctal internship at Université de Moncton before taking up her current position as Associate Professor at Université de Moncton. Dr. Guérard’s early research focused on oculomotor behavior in immediate serial recall of spatial information and reading. Her recent work has focused on the role of the motor system and object affordances in object memory. Dr. Guérard’s work is highly regarded and positions her at the forefront of the study of grounded cognition. 

Dr. Guérard has published research in a number of top tier journals including Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory, and Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, and Memory & Cognition.  She has also served as Department Head of the École de Psychologie at Université de Moncton.