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The Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) is a non-profit organization whose primary function is to advance Canadian research in experimental psychology and behavioural neuroscience.

CSBBCS seeks to develop and maintain effective lines of communication with the major federal and provincial funding agencies and science ministries with a view to influencing science policy and funding in Canada, particularly with respect to experimental psychology and behavioural neuroscience. We also seek to promote the value of research in experimental psychology and behavioural neuroscience in the eyes of the general public through the popular and scientific press and other public venues, and to increase communication within our own research community by means of email, electronic networks, and an annual meeting. We have been advocating on behalf of funding for basic science, which is in serious jeopardy in Canada (as elsewhere). We are a member of a National Consortium of Scientific and Educational Societies, and plan to participate actively in their efforts to inform and influence the public, Government and granting councils.

Each year the society holds an annual meeting which includes paper sessions, symposia, posters, a distinguished lecture, business meeting and lots of high quality scientific interaction.

The day-to-day operation of the Society is conducted by a 6 member elected executive committee and a part time administrator. Regular members of the Society pay yearly dues of $70; students pay $40. CSBBCS keeps in touch with as many members as possible via electronic mail. Descriptions of employment opportunities, announcements of scientific meetings and other information of interest to the general membership is regularly forwarded to over 400 members who have provided us with their e-mail addresses. For more information about BBCS contact Peter Graf.



In light of the rapid developments worldwide, regarding the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, the CSBBCS has decided to cancel the CSBBCS annual meeting that was to take place at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC from June 5th to 7th 2020.

Please plan to join us in Montréal in 2021.

Thank you,
CSBBCS Executive and the CSBBCS 2020 organizational team

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