Fellows of the CSBBCS

Fellows shall be members of the CSBBCS who have made distinguished, sustained, and exceptional contributions to the Society and to the advancement of the field of brain, behaviour, and cognitive science.

Class of 2017

Alan Kingstone, University of British Columbia
Albert Katz, Western University
Brian E. Kolb, University of Lethbridge
Caroline Palmer , McGill University
Carolyn Harley, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Catherine Penny, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Colin M. MacLeod, University of Waterloo
Daniel Voyer, University of New Brunswick
Derek Besner, University of Waterloo
Douglas J. K. Mewhort, Queen's University
Frances Wilkinson, York University
Jamie I. Campbell, University of Saskatchewan
Jo-Anne LeFevre, Carleton University
Julien Doyon, McGill University
Lola L. Cuddy, Queen's University
Melvyn Goodale, Western University
Michael E. J. Masson, University of Victoria
Murray Singer, University of Manitoba
Peter Dixon, University of Alberta
Pierre Jolicœur, Université de Montréal
Raymond M. Klein, Dalhousie University
Richard E. Brown, Dalhousie University
Richard C. Tees, University of British Columbia
Robert J. Sutherland, University of Lethbridge
Stephen J. Lupker, Western University
Valerie A. Thompson, University of Saskatchewan
Vincent Di Lollo, Simon Fraser University
William E. Hockley, Wilfrid Laurier University


Class of 2018

Aimée Surprenant, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Debra Jared, Western University
Ian Neath, Memorial University of Newfoundland
John Vokey, University of Lethbridge
Jonathan Fugelsang, University of Waterloo
Myra Fernandes, University of Waterloo
Susan Graham, University of Calgary



The 2019 conference will be held between June 7th and 9th at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. Registration and abstract submissions will open in February. Please visit the 2019 meeting page.