Richard C. Tees Distinguished Leadership Award

The Executive Committee of CSBBCS serves as the Tees Award Committee. In making its determination, the committee will consider the following criteria and other factors pertinent to leadership and service to the CSBBCS community:

  • Advancement and administration of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science.
  • Contributions to the training of students and technical staff in psychology both at one's own institution and nation-wide.
  • Advancement of research and scholarship by involvement with granting agencies that fund research concerning brain, behaviour, and cognition.
  • Contributions to Canadian journals of psychology.
  • Advancement of research and scholarship by basic and applied scientific contributions to the discipline.
  • Promotion of interaction between CSBBCS and other psychology organizations and direct service to the latter organizations.
  • Promotion of scientific and administrative collaborations that advance the causes of the scientific study of brain, behaviour, and cognition.

This will not be an annual award but will be awarded by the CSBBCS Executive to recognize extraordinary leadership and service to the CSBBCS community.


The 2019 conference will be held between June 7th and 9th at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. Registration and abstract submissions will open in February. Please visit the 2019 meeting page.

Richard C. Tees

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