CSBBCS / SCSCCC & CPA CJEP Best Article Award

The CSBBCS / SCSCCC and the CPA co-sponsor an annual award for the best article published in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.

The Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (CJEP) publishes original research papers that advance understanding of the field of experimental psychology, broadly considered. This includes, but is not restricted to, cognition, perception, motor performance, attention, memory, learning, language, decision making, development, comparative psychology, and neuroscience.

The CPA publishes CJEP quarterly in collaboration with the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) / Société Canadienne des Sciences du Cerveau, du Comportement, et de la Cognition (SCSCCC).

As part of their respective mandates, the CPA and the CSBBCS / SCSCCC are committed to promoting excellence and innovation in psychological science, according to the highest standards of scientific inquiry, and disseminating psychological knowledge to their members and the broader external community via a variety of means including but not limited to newsletters, electronic newsletters, and annual meetings.

In keeping with these aims, the CSBBCS / SCSCCC and the CPA co-sponsor an annual award for the best article published in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Number and value of awards: One award per year, valued at $1000. In addition, the corresponding author of the winning paper will receive free CSBBCS / SCSCCC membership for the subsequent calendar year, as well as a $70 credit from the CPA to be put toward any CPA product (e.g. membership, continuing professional development, convention registration, publications).

Eligibility: Any manuscript published in the CJEP in the previous calendar year (currently 4 issues: March, June, October, and December). As such, the award presented in 2015 will be for the best manuscript published in the 2014 issues of CJEP. Brief reports, empirical articles, and review papers are eligible. Award winners must agree to the publication of their name(s), picture(s) and full reference of the winning article on the CSBBCS / SCSCCC and CPA websites and other award announcements.

Selection: The Editorial team (Editor and Associate Editor(s)) of the CJEP will nominate one paper per issue of the CJEP (normally, 4 issues per year). The winner will be selected by a committee comprised of the 3 members-at-large of the CSBBCS / SCSCCC Executive, and a member of the CPA Board (normally the member who holds the CSBBCS / SCSCCC seat).

Criteria: The criteria for selection include: originality and innovation, theoretical contribution, quality of empirical work (if any), clarity of writing and presentation, and expected impact.

Process: No application is required. The CSBBCS / SCSCCC and the CPA will each contribute $500 annually to the award. The corresponding author of the winning manuscript will be notified by the Editor of the CJEP in advance of the CSBBCS / SCSCCC and CPA Annual Meetings.

Payment: The winner will be acknowledged at both the CSBBCS / SCSCCC and CPA annual meetings. A cheque and certificate will be presented at the CSBBCS / SCSCCC Annual Meeting.