CSBBCS / SCSCCC Annual Meetings

Each year the society holds an annual meeting which includes paper sessions, symposia, posters, a distinguished lecture, business meeting, and high-quality scientific interaction.

Future Meetings

The CSBBCS Meeting in 2024 will be hosted by the University of Alberta from June 25th to 27th inclusive (head organizers: Ben Dyson & Dana Hayward).

These venues are in accord with the location formula of East-Central-West-Central for the annual conference. The Quebec-Atlantic boundaries and the Ontario-Manitoba border define the three regions.


Thank you to Chris Fiacconi, Mark Fenske, Naz Al-Aidroos, and their fantastic team for planning a wonderful conference in lovely Guelph. The presentations and posters were excellent, and high praises for the food were sung by all.

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2022 - Dalhousie University and Saint Mary's University

Thank you to Ray Klein, Nicole Conrad, Aaron Newman, and their wonderful team for organizing our first in-person conference since 2019! Halifax was wonderful and the presentations and posters were even better.

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2021 - McGill University and Concordia University

Thank you to Aaron Johnson, Natalie Phillips, Jelena Ristic, and Debra Titone for deftly handling the organization of the first virtual meeting of the CSBBCS / SCSCCC. The conference was well attended and full of wonderful research presentations

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2020 - Simon Fraser University

Unfortunately, the 2020 meeting of the CSBBCS, scheduled to occur at Simon Fraser University, was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We hope to see everyone at the next meeting and thank you for your understanding.

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2019 - University of Waterloo

Thanks to Myra Fernandes and her team for organizing the 29th annual meeting, which took place June 7th - 9th. With a large turnout from the CSBBBCS membership and wonderful presentations of new research, it was a fantastic conference.

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2018 - St. John's

Thanks to Aimée Surprenant, Ian Neath, Kathleen Hourihan, Jonathan Fawcett and their team for organizing the 28th annual meeting, held jointly with the Experimental Psychology Society July 4th - 7th, 2018 in spectacular St. John's, Newfoundland. The weather was great, and the presentations even better!


CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2017 - University of Regina

Thanks to Chris Oriet and his team for organizing our 27th annual meeting, which took place June 2nd - 4th, 2017 on the small but mighty campus of the University of Regina.

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CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2016 - University of Ottawa

A huge thank you to Charles Collin and his superb team of organizers for staging our very successful 26th annual meeting at the University of Ottawa. 

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CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2015 - Carleton University

Guy and his team did a terrific job organizing our 25th annual meeting on the beautiful campus of Carleton University. A big thanks to all of you.

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CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2014 - Ryerson University

A tremendous thank you to Ben Dyson and his team for organizing the huge, and hugely-successful 24th annual meeting on the sprawling campus of Ryerson University.

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CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2013 - University of Calgary

The CSBBCS executive would like to thank Glen Bodner and his organizing committee for all of the hard work staging the 2013 meeting in Calgary. This was a huge, successful meeting with about 350 registrants. Well done!

CSBBCS / SCSCCC 2012 - Queen's University

The CSBBCS executive would like to thank Hans Dringenberg and his organizing committee for all of their hard work putting on our 2012 meeting in Kingston.  This was a huge, successful meeting with nearly 400 registrants.  Well done!