Women in Cognitive Science – Canada / Les Chercheuses en Sciences Cognitives - Canada

WiCS-C is the Canadian Chapter of Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS-C – Women in Cognitive Science Canada), an NSF-funded organization in the U.S. affiliated with the Psychonomic Society. Heading into its 20th year in 2021, WiCS has offered important professional development and networking opportunities to women (and men) scientists in the fields of cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, and related disciplines.  We hope WiCS-Canada will enable similar opportunities, in a way that is tailored to the Canadian research context. The official launch of WiCS-Canada occurred on June 2016 at the Meeting of CSBBCS, held at the University of Ottawa, thanks to seed funding from the NSERC Unique Initiatives Fund, and support from CSBBCS.

The WiCSC Trainee Board for graduate students and early-career researchers can be found at Trainee Board - WiCS-C.

WiCS-C 2021 EDI Session

In case you missed it, here is a recording of the WiCS-C 2021 session on writing effective EDI statements:

WiCS-C Information

For up-to- date information about our activities, meetings, and resources, we urge you to:

WiCS-Canada Co-Founders:
Penny Pexman, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary
Debra Titone, Department of Psychology, McGill University

WiCSC Advisory Board:
Morgan D. Barense, University of Toronto
Joël D. Dickinson, Laurentian University
Myra Fernandes, University of Waterloo
Carla L. Hudson Kam, University of British Columbia
Marc F. Joanisse, University of Western Ontario
Jo-Anne LeFevre, Carleton University
Erin A. Maloney, University of Ottawa
Chris Oriet, University of Regina
Natalie A. Phillips, Concordia University
Natasha Rajah, McGill University
Kim P. Roberts, Wilfrid Laurier University
Signy Sheldon, McGill University
Aimée M. Surprenant, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jennifer E. Sutton, Brescia University College
Natasha Tokowicz, University of Pittsburgh

WiCSC Social Media Team:
Ismael Gol, Memorial University
Ethan Kutlu (Facebook facilitator), University of Florida
Fareeha Rana, McMaster University
Fatou Sarr, University of Ottawa
Naomi Vingron, McGill University