CSBBCS / SCSCCC Mid-Career Award

At the 2019 Business Meeting, the membership agreed to create a Mid-Career Award.

This award shall be made to an individual who, in the opinion of the selection committee, has made a significant contribution to the study of brain, behaviour, and cognitive science. Eligible nominees must have completed their Ph.D. at least 11 years, but not more than 25 years, prior to receiving the nomination.

In making its selection the committee will consider the following three criteria:

  1. An individual whose research has been sustained and meritorious and has enhanced the knowledge base of brain, behaviour, and cognition
  2. An individual who has a promising record of training of students, postdoctoral fellows and colleagues who have had a significant impact on brain, behavior, and cognitive science, and
  3. An individual who is emerging as a leading theorist or spokesperson for the discipline.

Eligible nominees will be members of CSBBCS / SCSCCC in good standing. Normally, the awardee shall have conducted a significant proportion of his/her research training or disciplinary work within Canada and have a record of regular participation in the CSBBCS / SCSCCC. The awardee will be invited to give the Mid-Career Award Address at the annual CSBBCS / SCSCCC meeting of that year. The winner will receive a cheque for $1000. 

The selection committee shall make allowances for career disruptions in adjudicating nominations for the award. 

Nominations must include an electronic version of the complete curriculum vitae of the nominee, and a letter of nomination highlighting the significance of the contributions of the nominee.

A call for nominees shall be made each year in advance of the annual meeting.