2022 Richard C. Tees Distinguished Leadership Award Winner: Dr. Randy Jamieson

Randy Jamieson is a Professor at the University of Manitoba who uses experimental and computational methods to study how people and other animals learn, remember, think, and know.  Dr. Jamieson served as President of CSBBCS in 2015-2019, Member-at-Large on the CSBBCS Executive Committee in 2011-2014, and was a conference Co-organizer for the 2011 CSBBCS annual meeting.  He has also served as the CSBBCS Representative on the Board of Directors (2020-2021), the Scientific Affairs Committee (2012-2022), the Publications Committee (2018-2021), and Chair of the Brain and Cognitive Science Section (2014-2018) of the Canadian Psychological Association. In addition, Dr. Jamieson also served as President (2014-2017) and Member-At-Large on the Steering Committee (2010-2013) of the Society for Computation in Psychology. He has also contributed nationally, on NSERC’s Discovery grant evaluation committee (2019-2022). In addition to all of his work, Randy was an invited panelist (NSERC and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) in 2021 for the meeting of Women in Cognitive Science Canada.

Dr. Jamieson has been the Editor from 2018 to present, Associate Editor from 2013-2018, and Guest Editor, 2012, Volume 66 (2), for the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. He has also been recognised for his contributions to the discipline by being named a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society in 2014. While Dr. Jamieson has done so much to promote cognitive psychology and brain science on both the national and international stage, he has done so while also serving his Department and University in a number of leadership roles that have included Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (2021-2022), and Acting Department Head (2019-2020). Dr. Jamieson’s contributions have been varied, numerous, significant, and exemplary.