2004 Richard C. Tees Distinguished Leadership Award Inaugural Winner: Dr. Richard Tees

The first recipient of the award is Dr. Richard C. Tees of the University of British Collumbia. Richard Tees is known not only for his pivotal work on the effects of experience on perceptual development, but also for the contributions he has made - far above and beyond the call of duty - to advance research, scholarship, and training in Psychology in general (and Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science in particular) across Canada. He was one of the moving forces in the establishment of BBCS. He has contributed yeoman's service to the Canadian Journal of Psychology. He has given hundreds of hours of service to NSERC. He helped establish the "Heads of Psychology" group, bringing another strong, collective force to advancing our science. And in his interactions at the organizational or individual level, he has mentored our community to understand the necessity of our collective efforts to ensure our science stays strong. In all these ways, Richard Tees' contributions to advancing and promoting high quality research and research opportunities for the BBCS community are truly extraordinary.